Golf Swing Trainer - Available In 40" And 48" (Driver) / Improve Tempo, Flexibility, Balance / Perfect Indoor-Outdoor Training Aid

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  • Get instant feedback, increase flexibility, improve tempo, balance, strength, control and remove imperfections in your swing
  • Improve your golf game, range of motion, build muscle memory and avoid injury with our swing trainer
  • Practice daily at home or before tee time, at the course or range. Great for beginner and intermediate level players
  • Available in 2 different sizes - 40 inches (Irons)and 48 inches (Driver)


48 Inch Drivers Trainer Large (Yellow) Size 5.7" up to

This weighted golf swing trainer develops balance and tempo because the user must wait for the momentum to gather. Also, the development of flexibility and range of motion is greater.  The Golf Swing Trainer's extra length encourages more patience in the transition to avoid the "quick" swings and the common "over the top" swing fault.

  • Longest version and most physically demanding.
  • Designed for men and women over 5'6 in height. As the ability of the golfer increases, the height of the user becomes less of a factor.
  • Most similar to swinging a driver and is sure to gain you an extra 10,20 even 40 yards of carrying in a few short practices. 
  • Great for warm-up swings before you tee-off 
  • Fits in your golf bag and is a must-have for professionals as well as amateurs alike.  

Golf Swing trainer Driver 48" inchs (Yellow)


40" inch Driver Trainer Medium (Red/Blue/Black) Size suggested 5.6" and under

The Driver Trainer Compact is designed to mimic irons and Driver play and short game situations. The Compact trainer is 9" shorter than the Driver Trainer and is perfect for getting a feel for your swing around the green. The Iron Golf Aid may be used right or left-handed.

  • Ideal for pregame warm-up, short game training, rhythm, and balance.
  • Perfect for indoor use.
  • Weighted and counter-weighted design created to improve golf swing rhythm and help keep arms in sync with the body.
  • Simulates a driver motion for men, women, and teens.
  • Gaurrented to improve swing plan and aim for all skill levels 

Swing trainer Irons (Red Blue Black)

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