Shipping and Delivery

How long will my item take to arrive?

Our shipping time consists of two sections:

Processing Time: Verification of order details, quality checks and packaging. All orders are dispatched from the manufacturer warehouse within 1-3 business days after the order is placed and the payment is received.

Note* tracking numbers might take up to 5-days to be updated

Shipping Time: The average time taken to arrive to the destination VIA the courier UPS/ USPS/ FedEx / DHL ect..  


USA West Coast 1-3 Days No Delays Reported  (Last 30 Days)

USA East Coast 3-5 Days No Delays Reported  (Last 30 Days)

United Kingdom 5-7 Days No Delays Reported (Last 30 Days) 

All Other Products:

United States -  No Delays Reported  (Last 30 Days)

Express Shipping + Tracking 5-7  Days

Prioritized Express Shipping + Tracking 5-8 Days

Standard Shipping + Tracking 5 - 14 Business Days (Hawaii/Alaska +10 days) 

United Kingdom - No Delays Reported (Last 30 Days) 
Standard Shipping + Tracking 5 - 12 Business Days
Australia  - No Delays Reported  (Last 30 Days) 
Standard Shipping + Tracking 5 - 25 Business Days
Canada - No Delays Reported  (Last 30 Days) 
Free Shipping + Tracking 5 - 20 Business Days

-If you want to know how long it will take and you do not fall under any of the above please contact us on our Contact Us Page and we will be happy to give you a delivery estimate.    


All shipments include tracking and will be sent via email or sms once we have shipped your product/s. Some orders might require multiple shipments and if this happens you will have an additional tracking sent once the product has been shipped. Please visit our tracking page to track you order.   

Shipping Info:

Shipping times can be affected due to unforeseen circumstances and some packages could be delayed, if this happens we will contact you to let you know of the potential delay in delivery.

If you have not received your package after the delivery time elapsed, please contact us and reference your order number so we can track down your shipment. 

Please note we are not responsible for any stole orders that have been properly delivered to the address provided at checkout. We will assist in any way we can, but we are not liable for stolen or misplaced deliveries long as they are delivered to the correct address.  


Do you deliver on public holidays?

If the courier service is operating, so are we! But as couriers don't tend to work on public holidays, it's best for you to plan your delivery ahead of time - especially during busy periods such as Christmas, New Year and Easter.

If you have any questions about your shipments please contact us at, please include your order number to insure fast resolution.