Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Ebike from back to modern Engwe
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
Cheetah Cafe' Racer Ebike
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Cheetah Vintage Cafe' Racer E-bike

Bafang 750w/1200w Peak (CLASS-3+) 17.5AH Dual Battery Electric Bike

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(IN-STOCK) Free Shipping 5-Days 

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""Absolutely a wonderful experience with everything. Shipping took 2 days. Enjoyed putting the bike together. Instructions could use a upgrade, but if you know anything about a bike, no problemo!! I'm flying on my cool ride everyday"
 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars Mark M ~ BackToModern Customer

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Cheetah Vintage Cafe' Racer

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"A joy to ride, feel like a kid again haha! Love a first site.
  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars Mike H ~ BackToModern Customer

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Riding the Cheetah eBike is a thrilling and unique experience that seamlessly blends style, performance, and modern technology. Picture yourself straddling the cafe' racer-inspired frame, feeling the cool breeze as you navigate through various terrains with ease. It's an immersive experience that seamlessly fuses the nostalgia of classic cafe racers with the excitement of modern electric bike technology. It's not just a means of transportation; it's a journey that combines style, power, and innovation, promising a ride that is as enjoyable as it is efficient. 

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Wrist Throttle

Caution: Riding the Cheetah is not just an adventure; it's an addiction waiting to take hold. With a breathtaking top speed exceeding 28 mph, this electric marvel is designed to keep your heart racing and your desire for speed alive. Use with caution, for once you grip the leather-wrapped Wrist Throttle and unleash the Cheetah's electrifying power, the need for speed becomes irresistible. 

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Bafang 750W/1200W Peak Motor

The Cheetah, featuring the formidable Bafang 750W motor with an impressive peak output of 1200W, redefines the essence of electric biking. With it's 95Nm of torque this powerhouse of a motor propels riders into a realm of dynamic acceleration and thrilling speeds, making every journey an electrifying experience.

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Samsung UL Certified Battery  

The Samsung UL Certified Battery is a testament to the Cheetah's commitment to safety and efficiency. The battery, discreetly nestled within the frame, not only contributes to the bike's sleek and aerodynamic profile but also exemplifies a meticulous attention to detail.

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Backlit LCD Display

Tailor your riding experience to perfection. Utilize our Backlit Color LCD Display to access real-time metrics, including speed, battery life, mileage traveled, and pedal assist level. Fine-tune your journey with precision and stay informed every pedal of the way

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Dual Mode Headlight

During the day, the sleek and modern design of the headlight adds a touch of sophistication to the Cheetah's overall aesthetic. Offering it's Low and High Beam operation It's seamless integration into the bike's frame enhances the bike's visual appeal, making a bold statement about the marriage of form and function.

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Nostalgic Comfy Seat 

Crafted for comfort, this seat goes beyond its nostalgic appeal. The plush padding and ergonomic design make every ride a delightful experience, allowing riders to sink into a world of comfort as they cruise along. Whether you're on a leisurely city ride or an extended journey through the countryside providing the support and relaxation needed for an enjoyable and stress-free adventure

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Michah A.

Verified Customer - Purchased on 4/19/2023

Featured Owners Review Engwe Pro

"165 LB 5'8 male rider. So far I have reached 33MPH. I am able to get upto 28 easily. This bike has become my daily driver 25-40 miles a day. I am losing weight and having a blast while doing it. I drive through rough forests and flat concrete. Ive caught air a few times as well. I get complements and questions daily. I am blown away by the range. 40 miles on full throttle and double with peddle assist. I put 844 miles on her so far!" 

Marvin D.

Verified Customer - Purchased on 5/09/2023

Featured Owners Review Engwe Pro

"The M20 has surpassed my expectations, I was ready to spend over 3k on a super73, but when I saw the M20 I knew it was the right bike for me. So glad I found it saved me a ton of money and I could be happier with the final results. Fast, solid frame, upgraded to whitewall tires. Great support team and a special thank you to Alex at Backtomodern for a great support." 

Stanley M.

Verified Customer - Purchased on 4/17/2023

Featured Owners Review Engwe Pro

"Have you been scouring ebike forums, watching tons of youtube reviews, pondering if you should buy an ebike for months, and a bit scared to pull the trigger on the purchase like me!?? Well, DO IT! Riding an ebike is WAY better than riding a regular bike. I chose this bike for a number of reasons; affordable, has a rear seat w/mini rack, and is a fat tire. This thing is like a mini moped. I ride for miles around my neighborhood exploring sections that I never knew existed. Everyday my kids fight with each other in taking turns in riding the back. It's sooo freaking awesome."

Unboxing and Assembly 

This eBike comes 95% Assembled and only requires about 25 mins to put together. .

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