ENGINE-X Foldable Ebike
ENGINE-X Foldable Ebike
Engine X White Black and lava red
ENGINE-X Foldable Ebike
ENGINE-X Foldable Ebike
ENGINE-X Foldable Ebike
ENGINE-X Foldable Ebike
ENGINE-X Foldable Ebike
ENGINE-X Foldable Ebike
ENGINE-X Foldable Ebike
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BackToModern Exclusive Engine-X

Upgraded 750W 13Ah (CLASS-3) Foldable Electric Bike

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Shop Pay Oct 2023.png__PID:8154f084-40f5-4b4d-a605-bb6139d7947eE26 Ebike 1000 Watt Fast 34mph Ebike Foldable
Secure Checkout Guarantee Engwe EP-2Pro 1000 Watt Fast 34mph Ebike Foldable
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"Didn't realize I would fall in love again. This bike is fantastic. It rides so smooth and fast. Assembly and learning how to use it were fast and easy. I weigh 310 lbs, and it has no problem moving me around."
 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars Andre S ~ BackToModern Customer

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"I am incredibly enthralled with both the product and the customer service. After an entirely reasonable assembly time, this E-bike is been a joy to ride. I got it for my 68-year-old father who is still quite spry, and he absolutely loves it!
  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars Zack G ~ BackToModern Customer

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The Engwe Engine X Ebike is not only eco-friendly and efficient, but also fast and powerful. … it defines a new performance standard. But don't worry about sacrificing safety for speed - the Engine X is equipped with a high-performance suspension system to ensure a smooth, controlled ride at all speeds. Plus, the LED headlight and taillight make you visible to other drivers, providing added peace of mind during nighttime rides. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative for your commute and errands, or an adrenaline-inducing ride for a weekend cruise, the Engine X delivers. Experience the thrill of speed and efficiency and our sleek and modern design is sure to turn heads on your daily commute or weekend adventures.

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Wrist Throttle

Warning: riding the Engine-X at top speed may cause excessive grinning and windblown hair. Use with caution and enjoy at your own risk! The Engine-X comes with a half twist wrist throttle that can used to reach top speeds of
28 MPH

Screenshot 10-26-2023 10.25.59.png__PID:2b6531e7-ec3c-4ca9-99f5-86e600aae616

Unmatched Power

The Engine X rocks an adrenaline-inducing 960 watt peak brushless hub-drive motor. With more than double the wattage of most eBikes, you’ll blast off the line, and climb hills with ease, even with a heavy load.

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Tesla Grade UL Certified Battery  

 With this cutting-edge technology, you can ride with confidence knowing that your ride has the juice to go the distance. At the heart of the Engine X lies a state-of-the-art Tesla-grade 13Ah battery, providing unparalleled power and reliability. You’ll get up to 70 miles per charge.

Screenshot 10-26-2023 10.23.46.png__PID:3467d300-5093-4649-a737-44c9d00ad57d

Backlit LCD Display

Customize your riding experience. Get real-time metrics such as speed, battery life and mileage traveled including pedal assist level with our Backlit LCD Display. 

Screenshot 10-26-2023 10.34.32.png__PID:1d4b7591-b3e3-4f5c-b1bc-6ec45ac0421e

Easy To Store

The thoughtful rust-free folding frame of the Engine Pro allows for easy storage and transportation. The bike can be folded in seconds and fits in most compact cars. *The battery can be charges inside or outside the bike via the port located in the frame.  

E26 Ebike  48v 16ah  Battery 1000W pea

Customized Rider Height

The stylish, spring-loaded seat is fully adjustable to customize your riding experience to your exact preferences, whether you prefer an upright position or a sportier feel. Suitable for riders 5'2- 6'5 and 330lbs. 

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TrustPilot Reviews Ebike Engwe pro

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Michah A.

Verified Customer - Purchased on 4/19/2023

Featured Owners Review Engwe Pro

"165 LB 5'8 male rider. So far I have reached 33MPH. I am able to get upto 28 easily. This bike has become my daily driver 25-40 miles a day. I am losing weight and having a blast while doing it. I drive through rough forests and flat concrete. Ive caught air a few times as well. I get complements and questions daily. I am blown away by the range. 40 miles on full throttle and double with peddle assist. I put 844 miles on her so far!" 

Marvin D.

Verified Customer - Purchased on 5/09/2023

Featured Owners Review Engwe Pro

"The M20 has surpassed my expectations, I was ready to spend over 3k on a super73, but when I saw the M20 I knew it was the right bike for me. So glad I found it saved me a ton of money and I could be happier with the final results. Fast, solid frame, upgraded to whitewall tires. Great support team and a special thank you to Alex at Backtomodern for a great support." 

Stanley M.

Verified Customer - Purchased on 4/17/2023

Featured Owners Review Engwe Pro

"Have you been scouring ebike forums, watching tons of youtube reviews, pondering if you should buy an ebike for months, and a bit scared to pull the trigger on the purchase like me!?? Well, DO IT! Riding an ebike is WAY better than riding a regular bike. I chose this bike for a number of reasons; affordable, has a rear seat w/mini rack, and is a fat tire. This thing is like a mini moped. I ride for miles around my neighborhood exploring sections that I never knew existed. Everyday my kids fight with each other in taking turns in riding the back. It's sooo freaking awesome."

Unboxing and Assembly 

The Engine -X eBike comes 95% assembled and only requires about 20 mins. Everything you need to assemble the bike is already included. 

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1-Year VIP Warranty 

1-Year VIP Warranty

We stand by our product here at BackToModern and all Our E-bikes come with a 1-Year VIP Manufacture Warranty. Parts are ready to ship from USA Warehouse as needed. 

Our Money Back Guarantee:

30 Day money back guarantee

Customer satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, then let us know within 14 calendar days after the delivery, and we will start the refund for you quickly and easily. Our standard return window is 14-days after delivery.